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Team Baby!

Hello Families! As we head into spring, a time of growth and rebirth, the family bug might be nagging at some of you even more than usual. With school almost out and families starting to plan vacations we’ll be bombarded with more and more images of families together out and about town. Along with some of the reality of parental challenges for those of you that brave amusement parks during the summer months to see the frustration of family dynamics live and in person!
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How To Tell Your Family You are Choosing to be a Gestational Surrogate

One of the most selfless things one woman can do for another is to become a gestational surrogate. This isn’t a walk in the park, it’s not easy, and you are going to need a lot of support from friends and family. However, it’s going to rate right up there as one of the most fulfilling things you will ever embark on aside from having your own children. That’s why it’s incredibly important to remember that the support you receive from your friends and family are going to be what helps you those most in dealing with all of those crazy emotions you might feel during pregnancy.
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