April 2016

Surrogacy and Beyond Birth

Most of the questions we respond to from gestational surrogates and their intended parents (IP) have to do with their relationship before and during the pregnancy. One step at a time is how most try to get through their surrogacy journey as many IP’s have gone through unsuccessful attempts at IVF or pregnancy themselves, with or without the help of an egg donor. We advise surrogates and their intended parents not to involve children and other family and friends in the beginning of their journeys as it’s best to make these introductions after a pregnancy is achieved and medically stable. There are considerations at The Surrogacy Source that we remind our clients of as we see how their relationships evolve.
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The Many Moving Parts of Assisted Reproductive Technology: What Does This Mean?

The question I am asked most often by intended parents (IP’s) is “why does this have to take so long?”. The process of becoming a parent with the assistance of an egg donor, gestational carrier, or both, involves many professionals all coordinating their services. The psychologists, attorneys, genetic counselors, insurance agents, doctors, nurses, embryologists, match makers, case managers, escrow companies and all of the additional professionals involved with this miraculous specialty, choreograph a dance for the benefit of the IP’s ultimate goal: to have a baby or two.
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