February 2016 - Fertility SOURCE Companies

February 2016

Fertility Source Companies será uno de los expositores de la feria Surrofair

Fertility Source Companies es una agencia de gestantes y donantes en Estados Unidos cuya principal misión es ayudar a todas las personas que así lo desean a alcanzar su sueño de tener un hijo.

El próximo mes de mayo, Fertility Source Companies estará en la única feria de gestación subrogada que se celebra en España, Surrofair. Tendrá lugar los días 7 y 8 de mayo de 2016 en el hotel Medliá Avenida América.
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The IRS and Equal Rights

I have been in our industry long enough and have become smart enough to know what I don’t know regarding third-party cycles. I do learn something new every day and have grown to be proud of that fact. That said, the reproductive technology attorneys we work with are a group I admire and learn much from, so when the latest legal complaint was sent to me to comment on, naturally I had to seek out the help of one of our well-respected attorneys, Nidhi Desai of Ballard, Desai & Miller, a family law practice based in Chicago.
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