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May 2015

Hitched! 2nd Annual Gay and Lesbian Wedding Expo

Fertility SOURCE Companies was glad to participate in the 2nd annual Gay and Lesbian Wedding Expo in Los Angeles this past weekend!  We were able to meet with intended parents and potential donors and come together to get connected with many different key players in the process of making assisted parenting possible.  The people were great, as were the resources and all were OUT dressed to impress!
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Family Week by Family Equality Council

Hey Conference Junkies!  Traveling families!  North East natives!

Today I would like to bring you a conference spotlight from Family Equality Council and COLAGE – Two amazing organizations and their communities are gathering in Provincetown, Ma for their annual event to “build community and to empower individuals to create dialogue on the issues that face our communities today.”  Family Week is happening July 25-August 1, 2015, and should be the biggest turnout to date.
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Engage & Support: The Center OC’s Open House MURAL Party!

As a surrogacy and egg donation agency we are constantly humbled by the amazing network of formal and informal support systems we work within to help individuals succeed on their pathway to parenthood. The world of assisted conception is truly in an exciting time of growth– law, culture, and technology are in a constant dance of speeding ahead and catching up with one another as all seek to keep pace with the passion of those looking to share their hearts and resources by growing their families.
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