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May 2015

Surrogacy: Safe Risk Taking

I’ve been seeing a lot of bad media around surrogacy recently, and I just have to say…There are some horror stories out there.  There are people who have gotten a terribly raw deal.

And there is a stark truth that surrogacy has also had big beautiful results for families, and has forever changed lives in positive ways in so many instances.

I’ll be honest…I consider myself a skeptic, and sometimes even a pessimist.  It’s easy to get sucked in to the stories and believe there’s no way out.  But let’s face it – LGBT folks have been creating families and having babies since the beginning of time and it has been the struggles that occur within the process which have inspired new design, innovation, technology, laws and relationships to be created to help the next couple that might face the same challenges. 
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Pregnancy Photoessay: Modern Conception

As I sip my Sunday morning coffee, my partner sends through this article to me… An autostraddle “Photoessay: “Modern Conception” Perfectly Captures Queer Pregnancy, Features Michelle Tea.”

Before I share about this article, as I may have previously noted – The term “queer” can be a trigger word for some, so I think it’s important that I share the context in which I use it.  I am a person who identifies as queer of many things – gender, sexuality, personality and much more.  To me, queer is anything outside of the heteronormative, “traditional” ideas of success and family building.  The word “queer” has always been a way to be empowered to live outside of expectation – especially in the sense of family and love.
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Parenting Self Care

Being a parent is tough work.  Managing schedules, meeting new financial and emotional needs, adjusting to changes, the list goes on…

As people who often put in a lot of footwork  before their children are even conceived, we sometimes find ourselves over planning for each minor detail in our child’s life, which can be a huge gift and also a dramatic shock when the inevitable surprise need pops up.  We can plan and plan and in the end, our children will get sick, choose an unexpected path, and have needs we did not plan for.  As parents, we must adjust to ensure our children’s needs are met – and we will do so unquestionably.

When addressing the needs of our children begins to challenge our own self care, how do we find balance?
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Meet Your Local Center: San Diego North County Edition

Good morning families! Hopefully, everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday weekend!

We’re so excited to be in San Diego in a few weeks for our workshop The Path to Parenthood: A FREE Workshop for Future Dads! We work with families all over the world so we always feel really fortunate to be welcomed into local communities and get to spend some time with intended parents answering questions about what their parenthood journey will look like.
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Love is in the Air

Hello families looking to grow and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re a single intended parent, a couple with big dreams to make two into three or a tribe looking to expand we know that this journey is filled with ups and downs! We hope that you’re taking care of each other and rejoicing in the love that you have.

On this Valentine’s Day we thought we’d share a little round up of some great blogs that remind us of the joys of parenthood, even when our path towards it isn’t always so straight!
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