May 2015

Supporting Jenner

Standing up in support of Jenner and our trans sisters and brothers.  I’d like to share an article by the founder of Camp Aranu’tiq – Nicholas Teich.  I met Nick two summers ago as a volunteer.  Along with a brilliantly brave staff, we served 75 trans and gender variant campers for an overnight summer camp where they were able to just be KIDS at camp.  This community has grown much larger and able to reach even more youth.

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It’s amazing how one disheartening act can spiral into countless acts of support and empowerment. Such is the case with the recent controversy involving Dolce & Gabanna – Where Domenico Dolce called children conceived using IVF “synthetic children.”
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Irish Politics

As Ireland approaches election time, there is buzz amidst surrounding surrogacy law.  At this time, surrogacy is not legally protected in Ireland – and although there isn’t speculation that movement on this issue will happen before the election, the issue is certainly on the radar.  Some in opposition of same-sex marriage are bundling up the issue of surrogacy law within their dissent – Even though surrogacy does not primarily benefit same sex couples.  The same rhetoric that has been spewed against LGBTQ people for other rights is being spewed here – Supporting “traditional family values,” means keeping those radical queers from reproducing.  (I’m not bitter I promise)
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I have to say…It has been a HUGE week for the LGBT community – Particularly in terms of same sex marriage reaching the SUPREME COURT.

It almost feels surreal to me – I remember that bittersweet moment in 2004 when we celebrated Massachusetts legalizing gay marriage and feeling some sort of tug about this being a state issue instead of a federal issue.  Where would we be today if slavery was determined a state issue?  And today, being at the precipice of decision – I have good faith that state bans of same sex marriage will be deemed unconstitutional…And I frankly am not ready to entertain other options.
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