April 2015

LGBT Friendly Birth Certificates

Support is rallying across California for AB-1951, a bill that would make birth certificates LGBT parent friendly.  The legislation would allow birth certificates to list “Name of parent” rather than “Mother” and “Father.”  Parents will be able to write their name and then select whether they are Mother, Father or Parent.  Not only does this bill give ease to recognizing gay and lesbian parents, but allowing a gender neutral “parent option” gives space for gender non conforming persons to more accurately name themselves.
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Happy Halloween!


Halloween has a lot of history and a lot of baggage– some good, some bad, and some commercial. People interpret and engage in it in all kinds of ways, but as I head into my first Halloween (since my own childhood) in a house, in a great family neighborhood, I can’t help but get a little swept up in what it can mean about family and identity. Read more

Engage & Support: San Diego Pride 2013

I’ve mentioned before that there’s nothing quite like the power of community gathering– and the same goes for our amazing weekend at San Diego Pride!


Our team had such a wonderful time hanging out with the the San Diego LGBTQIA community and those that came to celebrate Pride in San Diego. We were especially enamored with this very proud pup! Pride gatherings are always such an inspiring display of what life looks like fully affirmed in all of it’s diversity.
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Survival Tips To Help You Through Your Donor Egg Cycle – Part 3 of a 3 Part Series

Have you just received the news from your IVF doctor that the best chances for you to become a parent is with the help of an egg donor? If so you’re not alone. You might be feeling bewildered, angry, sad, and definitely overwhelmed. Above all we bet you have a lot of questions.

Below you will find our final bit of advice for surviving your egg donor cycle.  We hope you have enjoyed our series, and you found some helpful information for your journey to parenthood!
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Straying from “The Birds and the Bees”

The Stork, a rainbow, “the Birds and the Bees”; these are a few stories used to answer “Where do babies come from?” As adults, we understand where babies come from and the fact that sometimes, babies don’t come that way either. Adults are able to understand the struggles Intended Parents go through, for the chance to have their families. We understand, because we understand the birds and the bees. But, what happens when you have to stray form that story and add in the factor of surrogacy to make a baby for someone?
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Consanguinity: “Will my child marry his or her half-sibling?”

The definition of Consanguinity is: of the same blood or origin; specifically: descended from the same ancestor. Many intended parents who embark upon the path of family building through egg donation have asked the question: “Is it possible my child could meet, fall in love with and marry his or her half-sibling?” And the answer is that anything is possible if an egg donor donates six or more times AND if those children born of these egg donor cycles are unaware or not informed of their genetics.

Years and years and years ago the most couples worried about before marriage was whether or not the other had an STD. In fact, many states required both parties to be tested for STD’s before they would issue a marriage license.
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