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I am an Attorney, Can I Represent Myself Instead of Hiring an Outside Attorney?

After selecting a surrogacy or egg donor agency, the knee jerk reaction might be “Sure why not” However, that isn’t correct. The answer should be – You always need a lawyer who specializes in third party reproduction to create a legal agreement between you and your egg donor or gestational surrogate.

It makes common sense – no two lawyers are created alike. Granted all lawyers go to law school to earn a Juris Doctorate. However, each lawyer chooses a specialty to practice. Some lawyers choose family law, while others choose things like patent law, business law, real estate law, international law, criminal lawyers, tax lawyers, insurance lawyers, divorce lawyer, etc..
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God and the Surrogate Mother

How many times have you heard, as a surrogate, that “you are playing God!”? The common phrase here is “Basically if God wanted intended parents to have children they would get pregnant on their own. If that wasn’t a possibility then they should adopt.” ‘Surrogacy’ was preventing them from looking at adoption as an option by offering a healthy body to carry their child. Some child out there would be homeless because of surrogacy! A stunning conclusion, I know. Comments like that may make you think…but often it will not change minds.
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Come to Terms: Accepting the Need to Use a Gestational Surrogate

Dealing with infertility and accepting the reality you need help having a baby is often difficult. We “What if” ourselves a lot. We bargain. We cry. We become angry. So when we hear the news that to have a child we need to rely on a gestational carrier not only can that be a big pill to swallow we need to think about if this is something we are ready for.

Making the choice to have a baby via gestational surrogacy is a decision that is going to affect a lot of people. Because of how intimate and delicate these situations are it can take a toll on everyone’s emotions. There is so much to take in, work through, process and consider – the feelings of your surrogate as well as her family, your unborn baby, as well as yourself.
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The Surrogacy SOURCE Welcomes 300th Baby Born

We are thrilled to welcome the birth of our 300th baby born via surrogacy! Baby Boy John is our lucky number three hundred! He was born at 9 pounds 2 ounces. The surrogacy was a sibling cycle, which means Baby Boy John will be the older brother to a baby previously born by the very same surrogate mother through our program to the same Intended Parents. We wish all the best to the surrogate mother and Intended Parents, what a wonderful gift!

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The Surrogacy SOURCE in Modern Mom

In an article published online by Modern Mom, The Surrogacy SOURCE was featured with reference to our very own Jamie Williams, Director of Operations -Northwest Region, four-time surrogate and longtime surrogacy advocate. The article, “The Baby Chase: How Far Would You Go To Become a Parent?” provides insight in the world of infertility and options to create a family outside traditional norms. RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association contributes to the article with words by Director Barbara Collura, who battled infertility herself.There are many industry professionals with valuable insight into the world of infertility, egg donation, surrogacy, adoption, etc. and it’s important to also encourage those battling infertility to speak out and educate the community. Fertility SOURCE Companies is proud to represent the community in need of assisted reproduction! Thank you Modern Mom for such a wonderful article!

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