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Love and Science

Assisted reproduction is a well intentioned (and sometimes discriminated against) coupling of love and science. Couplings whose offspring are still in the first generations, making few spawn old enough (or aware enough) to tell the tale of their conception. With this in mind we were pleasantly surprised to stumble into the blog Footnotes on the Family Tree: Our Family Made With Love and Science
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The Human(s) Who Takes Care of Us

The “Path to Parenthood” can take many roads. However, folks that utilize assisted reproduction are intimately connected to the choices (and roads) that diverge on the long journey between us and the existence of the little ones that look to us for nurturing. There are lots of decisions along the way that are confusing and fill us with uncertainty. There are lots of decisions that don’t have right or wrong answers. There are decisions that may complicate and simplify the creation stories of our growing families.
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Moving Towards Intended Parent Leave

Our families come in all different shapes and sizes. Our LGBT families know better than anyone that gender can have very little to do with who provides nurturing and care-taking of a new child. Gender certainly doesn’t dictate how much we want children, how much we love our children, and certainly doesn’t make a difference in how much time we want to spend with them. Bringing us to the new topic of Intended Parent Leave.
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5 Things You Need To Know To Be An Eligible Egg Donor

So, you’ve taken that first step and made the big decision to become an egg donor! This is an amazing, life-changing decision for you and the very lucky Intend Parent(s) you will be helping, so congratulations and thank you for helping these deserving families have a child! Before you take that next step of selecting an agency and completing your application, there are a few things you’ll need to know. These helpful tips are important for you to know before you commit so that you can go into the process with the knowledge of the process and a realistic view of what to expect.
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Men Having Babies Conference Updates 2015

Hello there Families Looking to Grow!

We couldn’t feel luckier to be in the family growing business! It’s pretty amazing to take part in this miraculous journey!

As a surrogacy and egg donation agency we know how many moving parts there are to this process. Due to the sometimes complicated nature of this journey we really appreciate organizations out there that offer support in organizing all this information!
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FSC Partner Spotlight July 2015

Fertility SOURCE Companies would like to honor our partnership with CCRM Orange County this July!

CCRM Orange County – Newport Beach, CA


CCRM Orange County was created in partnership between Dr. William Schoolcraft, founder of Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (“CCRM”); Dr. Mark Kan of Newport Fertility Center; and Dr. Sharon Moayeri of OC Fertility. The CCRM Orange County facility is comprised of a full ambulatory surgical center, world class In Vitro Fertilization laboratory, and additional clinical space. Their team of embryologists and staff have decades of experience and were hand selected for their expertise. The state-of-the-art facility utilizes equipment and technology to ensure the highest IVF success. Their goal is to provide patients with more integrated and comprehensive infertility treatment experience.
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